Safely Decommission and Recycle unused Computers

Bendigo Victoria and Surrounding Area’s

PC ReBoot provides a cost-efficient and safe solution for PC disposal.

Be part of the solution and Recycle your old PCs and help make technology affordable for others.

When you upgrade and need to decommission your computer systems, dispose of your PCs that are no longer needed by your organization with PC ReBoot. Your old systems can be a value for others.

Used PCs often contain sensitive corporate/organisational data, so you may be hesitant when decommissioning them. Yet throwing away reusable PCs contributes to waste and prevents them from being used by new owners. A way to solve these issues is to contact PC ReBoot

PC ReBoot will properly decommission your PCs by following stringent Australian data-wiping standards. Then we will refurbish the PCs so instead of ending up in a landfill, these PCs will be supplied to businesses, schools, nonprofits, government programs, and other eligible customers that need access to the benefits of technology that they cannot currently afford.


Benefits of when using PC ReBoot to decommission your old technology

  • Protect corporate data.
    Disposing of PCs helps to protect your valuable business data. We meet government standards for data removal, you can feel safer knowing that your data has been removed.


  • Demonstrate environmental leadership.
    You are helping to advocate reuse and decrease waste by keeping your old, but usable, PCs out of landfills, reducing waste and environmental impact.


  • Provide PCs to organizations and communities in need.
    You are helping to supply PCs that will be refurbished and provided to businesses, schools, nonprofits, and other eligible customers who cannot afford new computers.

You can contact us for local pickup’s or drop offs: 0414 414 467 –

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About This Site

PC ReBOOT has been setup to help offer people low cost quality refurbished computer systems for their home or business and the IT Services to keep you up and running.

We offer complete Computer Systems & Notebooks Solutions, Parts & Peripherals, and IT Services/Repairs for your system & software.

We believe it should not cost $700 to $1000 just to get a system for everyday computer needs, email and browsing the internet.


PC ReBOOT are PROUDLY supported by true community focused businesses such as Bendigo Distribution Services

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